Available Services

Facials & Skin Treatments 

Ultimate Glow Up  $130 
This Luxurious yet result driven facial leaves your skin feeling more smooth, brighter and healthier. Zero Downtime with this service  
- LED Therapy 
- Hydro Jelly Masque
-High Frequency 

Hydro Glow Facial $150 
Using Solift Hydro Facial Machine to infuse and extract dirt, oil and dead skin cells off the skin. This is for all skin types except acne clients. Zero Downtime with this service 

Diamond Glow Facial $170 
Using the 3 in 1 Solift Machine helps to infuse serums onto the skin while the diamond tip removes dead skin cell buildup and remove waxy plugs from the pores. This is a amazing service for skin of color or anyone will rough and bumpy skin. (not for reactive or sensitive clients). Zero downtime 

Deluxe Glow Facial  $190
Using the 3 in 1 Solift Machine to remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris out of the pores while infusing serums into the skin to create a smoother, brighter complexion + Radiofrequency to lift and firm the facial muscles (instant face lift). Downtime: 24 hours 

Pick Me Up Facial  $120 
This 60 min facial is a mash up of microchanneling + Level 1 Chemical Peel. Microchanneling creates little channels into the epidermis to push serums into the skin while gentle exfoliating with a low grade zero downtime chemical peel. (Pregnancy safe) 

Luxury Glow Facial  60 min $75 

Luxury Glow Facial 75 min $90 


Chemical Peels 
Peptide Power Peel 
Chemical Peel Level 1 
Chemical Peel Level 2 
Chemical Peel Level 3 
Chemical Peel Level 4 



DMK Skin Revision 

DMK Enzyme Therapy Level 1  $250 
Your first treatment comes with a 30 day kit of DMK home prescriptives to enhance your series of enzyme treatments. (best done is a series of 6) 

DMK Enzyme Therapy Level 2 $275 
This is a treatment with Enzyme 1 & 2 applied to the skin (great for all skin types and conditions) must have at least three Enzyme Therapy Level 1) 


Muscle Banding $290 
This treatment works with strengthening the muscles in the neck and face to help revise signs of aging. (must have a series of 4-5 enzyme level 1 & 2 before booking this service. 


DMK Paramedical 

Alkaline Permanent Hair Removal $75-175 

Lunch Time Peel  $150 

RP Facial $350 

Six Layer Pro Alpha Peel $1000
- 4 treatments over the course of 10 days 
2 peels + 2 Enzyme Lift Off Enzymes 

Brow Services 

Signature Brow Shaping + Tint $32
Brow Henna $45 
Brow Lamination $85 
Microblading + Shading $550 
Combo Brow $650 
Ombre Brows $700 

Alkaline Scar Revision Therapy 
Alkaline Pigmentation Therapy 
- call for pricing and information 

Remodeling Peel $1200
- 4 treatments over the course of 10 days 
2 peels + 2 Enzyme Lift Off Enzymes 
(for aging & sun damaged skin) best for 40+


Lash Lift & Tint  $100
Lash Lift No Tint $90
Lash Tint $10 


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